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60 Bruce Avenue

Montreal, Québec

Canada, H3Z 2E2


+1 514 931 3805  or +1 514 673 8452

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Languages (fluent):



English, French, Spanish, German, Hungarian



§         Order of Engineers of Quebec

§         Board of International Telecommunications Union’s TELECOM

§         Program selection committees of ITU’s World and Regional Telecom Conferences



Areas of Expertise


Telecommunications sector reform and planning for market opening. Telecommunications policy and regulation. Implications of liberalization for telecommunications service providers and infrastructure providers. The General Agreement in Trade in Services (GATS) and scheduling of GATS telecommunications commitments. Establishing and organizing an independent regulator. Regulatory issues related to frequencies, licensing, interconnection, universal services and pricing. Regulation of terrestrial-based wireless mobile operations. Telecommunications technology trends.



Professional Experience



International consultant in telecommunications policy, regulation, trade, and sector reform: p.a. stern & associates (Please see attached list of current and recent project)



Teleglobe Canada , Montreal, Canada. Senior positions with responsibility for international and governmental affairs (sector policy, telecommunications services trade including GATS, regulatory analysis for potential investments, international relations, coordination of relationships with the International Telecommunications Union and the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organization



Teleglobe Canada, Montreal, Canada. Various management functions in Engineering Department responsible for coordinating engineering projects; preparing engineering capital budgets and submissions to the Board of Directors; developing procedures for planning, scheduling and reporting of various engineering projects; and engineering economic studies.



Siemens AG, Munich, Germany. Research Engineer in the Central Communications Laboratory. Research and development in source encoding and bandwidth compression (especially facsimile), from which several patents and publications resulted.



Centre d’Études de Recherches en Automatisme, Paris, France Research Engineer in the area of non-linear control systems with random inputs.




B. A. Sc.

Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, 1965

M ès Sc. Aéro

Control Systems, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Aéronautique, Paris, 1968

Ph. D.

Signal Processing, Faculté des Sciences, Université de Paris, 1970

M. A.

Economics, Concordia University, Montreal, 1974




Implementing Reforms in the Telecommunications Sector:  Lessons from Experience, Bjorn Wellenius and Peter A. Stern, World Bank Regional and Sectoral Study Series, Washington, May 1994, ISBN 0-8213-2606-6, 757 pgs.


Restructurer les Télécommunications, Dossier réuni par Jean-Pierre Chamoux et Peter André Stern, Édition Le Communicateur, Paris, Décembre 1993, 396 pgs.


Restructuring and Managing the Telecommunications Sector, co‑editor with B. Wellenius, T. Nulty, R. Stern, World Bank Symposium Series, Washington, May 1989, ISBN 0-8213-1198-0, 146 pgs.


Papers on telecommunications policy, regulation and trade, 1988-present. Papers on signal processing, 1968-1974 (Lists can be provided on request)



p.a. stern & associates / Current and Recent Projects


Interamerican Development Bank (IDB), Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), Fondo Financiero para el Desarrollo de la Cuenca de la Plata (FONPLATA). Identify existing regulatory impediments to fair competition and private sector investment in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector in the 12 countries of South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, and Venezuela). Propose projects to be financed by these organizations to remove these barriers and thereby promote regional integration through the development and expansion of the ICT sector. (Within the framework of the Integración de la Infraestructura Regional en América del Sur (IIRSA) Project, 2002 - 2003)


Yugoslavia On behalf of a potential new entrant in the cellular mobile market provided detailed comments to the government on a draft new telecommunications law. Also presented arguments and evidence illustrating the economic, social, and sector specific benefits of liberalization of telecommunications (2002)


Ecuador. For the Consejo Nacional de Modernización del Estado (Conam) and the Consejo National de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel) provided comments and advised on draft new interconnection regulations. (with Bjorn Wellenius and Diana María Gómez, funded by the Inter-American Development Bank, 2001)


Regulatel (Latin American Forum of Telecommunications Regulators) Special advisor to the Secretary General of this organization. (1998 – present)


Anguilla, British West Indies. Drafted a new policy as a first step in the liberalization of Anguilla’s telecommunications sector. during the restructuring process. Prepared guidelines for the establishment of the PUC. Member of the Government’s team renegotiating C&W’s exclusive licence and administering the process of sector liberalization, providing comments on the draft new Telecommunications Act, draft Public Utilities Commission Act, draft new C&W Licence, and draft Government/C&W Agreement. (Funded by the Government of Anguilla, 2001 - 2002)


Czech Republic On behalf of an incumbent cellular mobile operator advised on the regulatory aspects of fixed-to-mobile and mobile-to-mobile interconnection issues in the Czech mobile market. Also helped in the preparation of comments in a public consultation related to the government’s future policies for assigning frequencies and licencing of Third Generation mobile operators in the Czech Republic. (2000 – 2001)


TIW Inc., Montreal, Canada. Special Advisor, Regulatory Policy, dealing with regulatory and policy issues in obtaining frequencies, licenses, numbers, and interconnection for cellular mobile and trunking systems, and in the preparation wireless call-for-tender bid documents for wireless systems in Central and Western Europe and Latin America (1997 – present).


Iran. Assisted the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications in reviewing the current structure of the telecommunications sector, in proposing a structure for a new independent regulatory body, and working out a preliminary program for its establishment. (Funded by the International Telecommunications Union, UNDP and the Iranian Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, 2001)


Croatia. On behalf of a potential new entrant in the cellular mobile market provided did a presentation to the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport, and Communications on the establishment of an independent telecommunications regulator and provided comments on a draft new telecommunications act. (2001)


Sri Lanka. Drafted a new national telecommunications policy and prepared a comprehensive corporate plan for the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka. (World Bank funded project with David N. Townsend Associates, Boston, 2000)


Jordan. Reviewed, analyzed, and made recommendations on the current regulatory and legal framework, and the structure and functions of the present Ministry and regulatory body, in connection with the Government’s project to modernize telecommunications and information technology sectors and to re-engineer the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. (For the Government of the Hachemite Kingdom of Jordan, funded by USAid, 2000)


Cameroon. Advised the newly created telecommunications regulatory body in (Agence de Regulation des Télécommunications) on its internal organization, its budget planning practices, interconnection, frequency management, tariffs, type approval, universal service obligations, the respective responsibilities of each of the major stakeholders (government, regulator, operator, service provider), and the contractual terms of the upcoming privatization of the monopoly fixed line operator. (World Bank funded project with Prof. Jean-Pierre Chamoux, Université du Paris, France, 2000) 


Bolivia. Prepared a diagnosis of the cellular mobile telephone market in Bolivia for the Ministry of Economic Development (World Bank funded, 2000)


Morocco. Assisted the Agence National de Regulation des Télécommunications (ANRT) in developing a policy to further open the telecommunications market in Morocco. (On behalf of and funded by ANRT, Morocco, 2000)


Hungary Member of team preparing bid for a third mobile licence. Dealt with regulatory, interconnection, licencing, frequency and other issues in the call-for-tender (1999)


Colombia. Telecommunications expert coordinator of a Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) funded sector reform project. Areas of activity include: interconnection; costing; spectrum management; telecommunications legislation; numbering; emergency communications; clearing house for interconnection settlements; and Internet connectivity. (1999 - present).


Bolivia. Calculated the productivity factors (x-factor) for 15 local cooperatives, one monopoly long distance operator and two cellular operator and recommended price caps for regulating tariffs of these operators. (For the regulator, Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones (SITTEL), with David N. Townsend Associates, Boston funded by the World Bank, 1998 -99)


Mali. Member of a World Bank mission that advised the Government on privatization and telecommunication sector reform. (1998)


Trinidad and Tobago. Advised and assisted a government established working group to draft a new telecommunications policy. (World Bank funded project, 1997)


Costa Rica. Telecommunication expert member of a World Bank-lead private sector development team advising the Government on privatization of state enterprises in the banking, insurance and telecommunication sectors (World Bank funded, 1997).


Mexico. Prepared and did a presentation to the Mexican regulator (COFETEL) on behalf of the Mexican association of paging operators (Asociación Méxicana de Concesionarios de Radiolocalización) indicating the potential harm to the paging industry in Mexico of introducing calling party pays (CPP) in paging (1998).


Inter-American Development Bank, Washington. Prepared an overview of the telecommunications sector in the Caribbean. (1997)


Colombia.  Assisted the regulator, Comisión de Regulación de Telecomunicaciones (CRT), to confirm the viability of the former monopoly long distance operator in the face of competition. (CRT funds in trust with International Telecommunications Union, 1997)


World Trade Organization (WTO), Geneva, Switzerland. In more than fifteen countries in the Caribbean, South and Central America, Eastern Europe and Africa advised governments on telecommunications sector reform and on making of market opening commitments under the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) basic telecommunications negotiations. Assisted these same governments in preparing their WTO offers. (Project funded by the World Bank and coordinated by the latter and by the World Trade Organization, 1996-7)


International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Geneva, Switzerland. Established, coordinated, and participated in an expert group to advise the Secretary-General of the on reform of the international telecommunication settlement (accounting rates) procedures and on ways of assisting countries most affected by changes in the accounting rate system.  (1996-7)