Project:       Republic of Ghana

                    National Telecommunications Policy, Strategy, and Regulations, 2004

Client:         Ministry of Communications, Republic of Ghana


Project Activities:


            DNTA was engaged by the Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Authority of Ghana to prepare a new National Telecommunications Policy and Strategy, and regulatory instruments and implementation plan.  The project involved a complete review of the status of the sector, including the role of current licensed operators in the telephone, mobile, Internet, and data markets, as well as the state of telecommunications legislation and regulations.  The DNTA team made extensive consultations throughout the industry, and conducted two broad industry forums on the policy issues and options to be considered for the new national policy.  The project also involved evaluating the institutional capacity of the Ministry and the NCA to oversee the transformation of the industry under the new policy, and preparation of new draft Legislation and Regulations.


Project:       Lao People’s Democratic Republic

                    National ICT and Universal Access Policy, 2003-04

Project Activities:


            David N. Townsend was engaged as a subconsultant to GOPA Consultants to assist in providing a comprehensive ICT policy development and support project for the Laos Ministry of Communications, Transport, Post, and Construction (MCTPC).  The project included numerous elements, for which experts were assigned over an 8- to 10-month period.  The ultimate goals were the establishment of a workable national ICT policy and implementation strategy, including creation of a Universal Access policy framework, Development Fund, and pilot project strategy.

Mr. Townsend was responsible for several project components, including market size analysis and Universal Access policy.  His tasks included on-site assessment of market conditions through interviews and studies of reports and market conditions, participation in workshops for sector stakeholders to identify objectives and opportunities, and development of the proposed Universal Access policy, funding mechanisms, and pilot projects.


Project:       Burkina Faso Délégué Général à l'Informatique (DELGI)

                    National Information and Communications Technology Development Strategy,  2001-2002


Project Activities:


            Helped prepare a new national Information and Communications Technology strategy for Burkina Faso, to promote expansion of access to ICTs and development of an Information-based economy. Arranged and conducted a series of stakeholder workshops to address needs and ideas in key ICT areas, including Infrastructure, E-Commerce, E-Government, Education, and Industrial Development.  Interviewed Ministers and senior officials in key information and technology related Ministries on ICT strategy options. Developed draft strategic options in consultation with DELGI, including proposed Center for technology training and technical assistance, national infrastructure and telecenter rollout plan, administrative network, and film industry development study. Prepared draft Action Plans for implementation of strategic elements; participate in National Forum on ICT strategy.


Project:       Mozambique Ministry of Transport and Communications

                    Telecommunications Sector Policy and Development Strategy, 2001


Project Activities:


            Advised the Ministry and the Regulatory Agency in the development of the national Telecommunications Policy  and Development Strategy in Mozambique, in preparation for the reform process in the sector, including privatization of the monopoly operator and a new regulatory and policy framework.  Conducted interviews with industry stakeholders, including regulator, private sector operators and other key figures.  Developed draft policy proposing more liberalized regime for licensing new operators, and for participation of existing companies in new markets, including new proposed universal access policy and fund.  Submitted policy to Ministry and INCM for comment and review, and implemented several revisions based on their comments.  Attended and participated in a national forum on the new policy with about 100 stakeholder representatives, discussed and explained policy, and made further revisions based upon comments.


Project:       Sri Lanka Telecommunications Regulatory Commission

                    National Telecommunications Policy and Corporate Plan, 2000-2001


Project Activities:


         Advised the Commission on the development of a new National Telecommunications Policy in Sri Lanka, to move beyond present accomplishments in market opening, development, and regulation, and establish a new set of objectives for the 21st Century.   Provided comprehensive policy recommendations on market opening, licensing, competition policy, tariff regulation, universal access, quality of service, and consumer protection.  Conducted institutional evaluation of organizational structure, functions, staffing, procedures, and budget of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.  Conducted workshops among TRC staff to design new organizational structure and operating procedures.  In addition, developed a new Corporate Plan for the Commission, to adapt the organizational structure and functions of the Commission to the requirements of the new Policy.