David N. Townsend

Consulting Projects and Experience

David N. Townsend has been the principal Project Manager and/or lead consultant for numerous consulting assignments involving the issues of telecommunications sector restructuring, regulatory policy development, tariff analysis, and market research, in many different countries and regions. Mr. Townsend conducted some of these projects in his role as Vice President and Director of International Consulting for Economics and Technology, Inc., from 1988 to 1996, and also through collaborations with other major consulting firms.

Note: The executive summary or other information from certain reports is available by following the relevant link. Also, the hyper-links for many of the clients will connect you directly to the home page of that organization.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU):
Regulatory Colloquium No. VI, "Regulatory Implications of Convergence in the Telecommunications Industry" (1996)
Conducted a study and prepared an in-depth Briefing Report on the impact of Convergence in telecommunications upon regulatory objectives, practices, and organizations. The Report covered the trends of converging telephone, broadcasting, cable TV, wireless, and Internet technologies, among others, and raised a wide range of general and specific policy and implementation questions concerning the changing role of regulation due to these industry trends. Mr. Townsend also participated in the Colloquium meetings in Geneva (December 1996) and helped prepare the Chairman's Report for the Sixth Colloquium.

Côte d'Ivoire, Agence des Télécommunications (ATCI):
Study of the Tarification of Interconnection Services (1996-1997)
Prepared a study of interconnection policy and tariff options for the regulatory agency of the Côte d'Ivoire. The study included discussion of general methods and theories of interconnection in telecommunications, between competing carriers as well as between the public network and specialized carriers such as cellular operators. It also included a general survey of interconnection techniques and tariffs in other countries around the world. Finally, the project addressed the specific proposals and options for interconnection tariffs in Côte d'Ivoire between the national telephone company (CI-TELCOM) and three authorized cellular operators.

Costa Rica, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE):
Study of Telecommunications Market Structure and Policy Options (1996)
Conducted a comprehensive study of the economic conditions and market structure options for transforming the Costa Rican telecommunications industry, including potential for competition, introduction of new services, expansion of markets, and tariff reforms. Develop forecast model of sector economic potential. Work with integrated team of Costa Rican industry experts. Present recommendations for policy and structure options to ICE, Ministry, and Regulatory officials.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD):
"Tariff Comparisons in Competitive Markets: The United States Example" (1995)
"The Potential for Competition in the Market for Local Telephone Services" (1993)
(1995) Study of tariff changes under competitive conditions, including discounts, special offerings, trends, based upon the U.S. long distance market. Recommend methodological approaches to modeling tariff comparisons under competitive conditions.
(1993) Study of the presence and potential for competitive provision of telecommunications services in local exchange markets in the United States, and the policy issues that the subject raises for OECD member countries.

People's Republic of China, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications:
Policy Advice and Management Support project (1994)
Assisted the Ministry's restructuring of its institutional and regulatory framework to improve the arrangements for delivery of non-basic telecommunications services in a multiple provider environment. Advised the Ministry on international experiences with sector restructuring and policy/regulatory reforms; reviewed the Ministry's existing laws and policies concerning non-basic services; conducted a series of presentations and workshops on regulatory issues for the national and provincial-level authorities of the Ministry.

Eurodata Foundation:
Consumer Telephone Services in the United States,
Multiclient Product and Pricing Study (1994)
Conducted a survey and analysis of new and specialized consumer telephone services in the United States on behalf of Eurodata Foundation members (European PTTs). Studied representative service options, prices, marketing, and availability. Presented a report and lead group assessment of options and potential for new services in Europe.

State of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Communications:
Telecommunications Master Plan (1994)
Assisted in developing a comprehensive Master Plan for the development of the telecommunications sector in the State of Turkmenistan; provided a plan for the evolution of the national network, market, and policy and regulatory structures; made presentations for training and feedback purposes concerning the structure, policy, and regulatory options, and the role of telecommunications sector reform in national economic development.

The World Bank, Asia Technical Department:
Telecommunications Sector Reforms in Thailand (1993)
Conducted a study and presented a report on the telecommunications reform process in Thailand, from 1987 to 1993. Assessed the history and structure of the industry, the policy context of the reform process, and the specific steps taken to introduce private capital and competition in the market. Reviewed performance of the reforms to date, and identify further challenges. Presented report to the World Bank for inclusion in a published report on telecommunications reforms in Asia.

Estados Unidos de México, Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Desarrollo Tecnológico (SCDT):
Strategic Development for the Mexican Telecommunications Sector (1993-1994)
Produced a strategic development plan for the telecommunications sector in Mexico; assessed and analyzed the regulatory situation of Mexican telecommunications; diagnosed the organizational capacity of the SCDT. Developed and produced regulatory options for development of the sector in face of the prospects of opening markets to competitive entry; generated organizational alternatives for strengthening the regulatory capacity of SCDT. Provided expert assistance and training on various policy and regulatory issues, such as competition and interconnection.

The Philippines, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC):
Strengthening the Regulatory Capacity of the NTC (1993-1994)
Provided several forms of assistance to the NTC to help increase its capabilities to implement government policies relating to the regulation of telecommunications common carriers. Developed regulatory software tools; assisted with refining carrier reporting requirements; provided training of Commission staff in the techniques of regulatory analysis; advised and assisted in addressing substantive policy implementation issues.

Hungary, Hungarian Telecommunications Company (HTC):
Development of HTC Strategic Plan (1992-1993)
Supported the HTC in the development of strategic planning in anticipation of possible market changes; assessed the economic environment in which HTC operates. Analyzed the cost structure of the company's telephone services; reviewed telephone service demand trends; developed principles of cost allocation and tariff rebalancing; analyzed the legal and regulatory environment.

The World Bank:
Case Study of Telecommunications Organizational and Regulatory Structures in Finland (1992)
Assisted in the preparation and review of a comprehensive study of the telecommunications industry organization of Finland. Assisted in developing the scope and focus of the study, the structure of the report, and the issues to be addressed. Participated in developing the analysis of Finnish regulatory structures and policies; made a Seminar presentation on regulatory issues.

People's Republic of China, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications:
China Telecommunications Sector Seminar, Theory and Practice of Tariff Setting (1992)
Participated in the first Telecommunications Sector Seminar in China, organized by the World Bank; offered a presentation on the theory and practice of setting telecommunications tariffs; moderated discussion on these issues among attending Ministry representatives.

Independent Research Study Report:
"El Precio del Teléfono: A Comparison of Prices for Telephone Services in Latin America" (1992)
Developed an independent mechanism for comparing telecommunications tariffs across different countries, initially in Latin America; constructed a database of tariff information and calculations; expanded and updated the database on an ongoing basis; maintained contact with regulatory and operator officials in numerous countries.

Estados Unidos de México, Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT):
Strengthening of the Regulatory Capacity of the SCT (1990-1991)
Assisted in the comprehensive evaluation and reorganization of the regulatory capacity of the SCT in the wake of the privatization of Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex). Reviewed and analyzed SCT structure and operations; developed specific recommendations regarding organizational form, detailed functional requirements, and internal procedures for the agency; created an implementation plan, initial training programs; helped design regulatory support analytical software tools.

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC):
"Study of Selected Impacts of Competition in the U.S. Long Distance Telephone Industry" (1988)
Undertook a study of the impacts of the introduction of competition in the U.S. long distance markets as part of a Canadian Task Force examining telecommunications policy reform options. Identified impacts upon carrier performance, service availability, technology, costs, prices, and demand. Recommended potential industry structure for Canadian telecommunications.