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There are 3 categories of writings in this section of The Site:

1. Baseball Journal.  Various essays, commentary, analysis, and musings about players, teams, pennant races, Hall of Famers, the business of baseball, you name it.  I've posted a collection of past writings from years back, and I add new material whenever the spirit moves me, so look in often.  A big chunk of the writings from over the years focuses on the Red Sox, the team of my and my friends' affliction. I also have annual All Star roster predictions, Hall of Fame forecasts, MVP and other award analysis, that kind of thing.  For the dedicated baseball fan, and particularly Red Sox fans.

2. Rotisserie/Fantasy Baseball (general).  **UNDER CONSTRUCTION, TO LAUNCH SOME DAY**   These are my views and analysis concerning Rotisserie players, strategies, up-and-coming stars and over-the-hill losers.  I've been Commissioner of my own league for 9+ years, and last year I finished 1st by the largest marnin in its history.  (We'll just ignore the fact that I finished last in 4 previous seasons...)  I invite all Rotis-nuts to venture in regularly and check out my extensive research and thoughtful insights ( = "wild guesses") for valuable, up-to-date help in constructing a winning Rotisserie team.  Well, at least a competitive team.  Anyway, a team.  Oh, and did I mention I only know American Leaguers (at least as long as there still is an American League)?  Look, just go there, and quit nit-picking, will you?

3. The Good IV League.  This section is specifically for the loyal, die-hard members of the Good IV League, my original, 9-year-old Rotisserie league.  You know who you are.  I offer a sampling of some of my famous League Reports from the past, as well as a forum for new Reports (easier than printing and mailing them), and other great tid-bits, such as updated views on league trades, the pennant race, rules interpretation, whatever.  All league members are required to Bookmark this site, and read it on a regular basis.  Also, please DON'T read the General Rotisserie stuff above, since it will reveal all of my secrets and sleepers, okay?

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