David N. Townsend


These pages catalogue my many travels over the years. They include some background on my international interests, chronological lists of my major trips, and descriptions of some of the most memorable journeys. As my technology improves, I'll add photos, and I'll keep elaborating on the voyages themselves.

I'm not sure why anyone outside of a handful of family, friends, and colleagues (that's the third "gue" word on this page) might be interested in any of this, but with the Internet, you never know. Maybe I met you on one of these trips, and you've been trying to track me down ever since. If you're the one who stole my camera in Barcelona in 1980, or my other camera in Frankfurt in 1992, you can keep them, but please just send me the un-developed film; I lost some great photos. If you're a woman who sat next to me on a plane and has been searching for me ever since, sorry, I'm happily married now.

Maybe you just want to know more about some of these exotic locations. If so, I'll be happy to provide more insight, if you'd like to email me at DNT@DNTownsend.com .

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