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Every year now for quite some time, among countless other compulsive habits, I've reviewed the progress of curent major leaguers toward that Holy Grail of achievement, the Baseball Hall of Fame.  My approach tends to vary from year to year, to keep the analysis from getting repetitive, and I'm not inclined simply to predicy who will make the Hall and who won't.  I like to deal in probabilities, and what-ifs.  Each new season adds statistics, heroics, and vague impressions of greatness to some players' resumes, while dimming the luster of others' reputations.  Other developments are more subtle, as old records are broken or new stars emerge, placing last year's candidates in a new light among their contemporaries.  

So the Hall of Fame Watch has become an annual tradition worth preserving and revisiting.  Herein, you too have the opportunity to explore back through the views of years past, up to the present, to follow the pursuit of immortality by the elite of the game.  I've presented the older projections, beginning in 1990, in summary form, while the most recent files are complete with analysis as well as names.

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