The Darkening Days

by David N. Townsend

(No music, just lyrics)

In your life you'll find
Moments when fate is unkind
Without reason, with no fault
You'll be crushed by an unseen assault
Maybe you're feeling one now
You've fallen, you don't know how.

These are the Darkening Days
These are the days when sunshine fades
Hope takes the form of a fleeing mist
Fingers begin forming a fist.

These are the Darkening Days
Betrayal abounds and treachery reigns
Goodness glows faintly behind suspicion locked doors
Cannons are readied for war.

You may look around some day
And be tempted to say
That everyone seems to know
The secret way to go
While you stumble on down
A pathetic lost clown.

Where is the message for us?
Who will lead us back through the morass?
We millions await a sign or a soft hand
Some hint that we might understand.

Where is the message for us?
Has God retired or is He just lost?
What now, in these days, at this age
Offers hope in these battles we wage?

And, at the end of the song
Why does it still seem wrong?
Not enough, not complete
The sounds from the street
Don't echo loudly enough
(Could it all be a bluff?)

David N. Townsend
1991, 1997

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