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These are the lyrics, and some music, and eventually .wav files, of some songs I've composed over the years. Some are really just poems that I'd like to turn into songs. I plan to add more here, as time and interest warrant. If anybody out there thinks they like any of this stuff, be sure to tell me. You know, in case you want to, I don't know, buy the rights and record it to produce a #1 hit, or even just a future lost oldie-to-be? Or maybe you're wondering what the hell the lyrics mean in that ballad I wrote in 9th grade. (Damned if I remember, but it probably had something to do with sex.)

Hey, by the way, if you do choose to download and make some creative use of any of this, please respect my copyright (i.e., if you get rich, I want some), and at least keep me posted. If you have any inspired chord combinations or harmonies for some of the lyrics, I'd be very interested. Also, feel free to share with me some of your musical and poetic genius, via e-mail, or by pointing me to your own self-indulgent web site. We could start a club.

The Ends (1972)
Seeking (1974)
Time (1975)
Slice of Forever (1978)
Yes (1982)
Talk, Talk (1983)
The Darkening Days (1991)
Acceleration (1991)
I Tried Again (1991)
Anyone (1992)
Welcome Back Again (1993)
Repetitive Beat (1994)
Heaven After All (1997)

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