Heaven After All

by David N. Townsend

(No music, just lyrics, and beat)

(Fast, rock 'n' roll beat)
I've been a bit too busy
These years to rock 'n' roll
I've had to raise a family
But I haven't lost my soul.

I had to get a job
When I got out of school
I had to pay the rent
But it don't mean I lost my Cool.

I married that sweet girlfriend
A nice old family gig
We had a rough time of it
I'm sure most of you can dig.

But I never stopped believing
I never stopped playing my guitar
When I could
I still like to jam with the gang
It still feels so good.

(Disco/Club beat)
I've got a little girl, you see
And she's growing up fine
Now she's into her music
And I've played her some of mine.

She raves about what's cool
And I try to play along
It doesn't matter who it is
Just another rock 'n' roll song.

(Guitar solo transition)
Can we do it differently
The millenium arrives
Can we build a new world
Around the people in our lives?

Can music keep us going
Through pains we never knew
Would shatter our illusions
Of the future we'd pursue?

(Faster, feature bass)
I'll never stop believing
And never quit playing my bass guitar
Loud and deep
Those same old tunes, late at night, after work
While she sleeps.

And listen to her station on the radio
And watch her when she sings in the school show
And dance with her to the stereo
And learn at last the lesson that we all should know:

This Love we sang about
Hard and fast or soft and slow
Meant much more than the evening's high
Lasts much longer than the sunset's glow

(Fast, powerful)
And our feelings from those younger days
Haven't gone away or been betrayed
We're living that dream in which we believed
We're giving back the love that we received . . .

We heard the news, weren't fooled again, tore down the Wall,
And we've made it up to Heaven after all!

David N. Townsend

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