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Direct management assistance to private and public organizations in understanding and responding to the demands and opportunities of the changing telecommunications environment. Advice, research, forecasting, economic analysis in support of strategic development objectives of public and private users, entrepreneurs, communications firms expanding into new markets, and restructuring public operators.

Representative projects:

United Nations Information Technology Services Division (ITSD):   Development of Telecommunications Cost Recovery and Charge-back System (1999)
Conducted a complete diagnosis of the United Nations Headquarters telecommunications network, including configuration, cost, and archtecture.  Developed strategic plan for new Cost-Recovery and Charge-Back system within the UN.  Provided implementation plan for new system, including recommended operational plans, cost analysis methodology, pricing structure.
Republic of South Africa, Department of Communications:  Strategic Development of South African Telecommunications (1997-99)
Provided extensive, in-depth policy and strategic support to the South Africa Department of Communications and its related agencies on the long-term development of the telecommunications sector in the country.  Project included two 6-month on-site assignments, international research, review of legislation, regulation, industry structure, and economic and technical development. Advised in areas of infrastructure, services, Distance Learning, Universal Service, industry growth, Government Information Technology, Electronic Commerce, other issues.
Canadian Cable Television Association (CCTA): Economic Model and Strategic Analysis of the Evolution of the Canadian Cable TV Industry (1995)
Developed an in-depth economic model of the market prospects for the Canadian cable TV industry, including investment, operating cost, and demand forecasts over 10 years for a wide range of service options, including telephony.
Independent Study Report: "Communications and the Household Budget: Where will the Markets Be?" (1995)
A research study into consumer spending patterns and demand prospects for new communications services.
Tanzania Ministry of Communications and Transport: Options for Telecommunications Sector Structure and Policy in Tanzania (1997)
Study of options for the development of the Tanzanian telecommunications sector, and Ministry policy, including strategies for potential market opening and promoting investment and development of infrastructure in rural areas. Report and advice to the Ministry, analysis of market and policy conditions, participation in strategy meetings among senior government, industry officials.
Hungary, Hungarian Telecommunications Company (HTC): Development of HTC Strategic Plan (1992-1993)
Contributed to the development of the HTC 5-year Strategic Plan. Conducted review of national service demand studies and forecasts, as well as comparative elasticity estimates.

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