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David N. Townsend & Associates offers the following areas of consulting services. For further information and descriptions of representative projects, follow the links, or contact us directly.

Communications Market and Economic Studies,
Economic Modeling
Customized studies and general purpose reports on specific research topics across all aspects of Communications policy and economics. Detailed statistical modeling of costs, demand, networks, markets. (Representative projects, models)

Telecommunications Policy and Regulation Advisory Support
Advisory assistance to government policy and regulatory agencies on telecommunications sector restructuring, tariff policy, competitive licensing, interconnection, service regulation, rules and procedures, market impact analysis. Hands-on advisory services and collaboration, studies, recommendations, public testimony, presentations, implementation strategies. (Representative projects)

Telecommunications Regulatory Institution Development,
Training Programs
Assistance in the development and strengthening of telecommunications regulatory agencies: planning, needs assessment, procedural manuals, personnel assignments, budgeting, technical tools and support. Customized training programs in communications policy and regulatory issues, from sector restructuring to implementation of regulatory priorities. (Representative projects)

Expert Testimony, Regulatory Intervention
Expert participation in formal telecommunications regulatory proceedings on behalf of public advocates or institutional intervenors, providing full service support in developing evidence, preparing testimony, and managing the regulatory process.

Management Consulting, Strategic Planning
Direct management assistance to private and public organizations in understanding and responding to the demands and opportunities of the changing telecommunications environment. Advice, research, forecasting, economic analysis in support of strategic development objectives of entrepreneurs, communications firms expanding into new markets, and restructuring public operators.

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