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The following is a list of reports and other documents authored by David N. Townsend & Associates in the field of telecommunications economics, policy, and regulation. Many study reports are the property of clients, and may only be obtained directly from them; for convenience, direct links are provided to many client Web sites.  For articles and papers available directly from DNTA, contact us to obtain a copy.  Many papers are available free of charge, or for a nominal fee.  Certain papers may be **downloaded directly from this website.  Also, some papers have been discussed or presented in summary form in **ComView.

  • "Regulatory Implications of Convergence in the Telecommunications Industry," report for the ITU Regulatory Colloquium, December 1996. (Available from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).)
  • "Internet Pricing: Lessons to be Learned from the Public Switched Network," (With Dr. Lee L. Selwyn), paper presented at the Conference on Public Policy andCorporate Strategy for the Information Economy, May 1996. (Contact us for a copy.)
  • "Study of the Impacts of the Iowa Communications Network upon the Iowa Telecommunications Industry" (with John T. McDermott and Douglas S. Williams), report to the Iowa Utilities Board, December 1995. (Contact the Iowa Utilities Board for a copy.)
  • "Tariff Comparisons in Competitive Markets: The United States Example" (with Sonia N. Jorge), report presented at the OECD Workshop on Telecommunication Performance Indicators, Paris, September 1995. (Contact the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for a copy.)
  • "Communications and the Household Budget: Where will the Markets Be?" (with Douglas S. Williams), paper presented as part of the Communications International Virtual Conference, April 1995.  (**Contact us for a copy, or download directly.)
  • "Telecommunications Competition in Mexico: Policy options for linking objectives of competitive market opening and network development," report prepared for the World Bank, April 1995. (Contact us for a copy or **download directly.)
  • "Telecommunications Sector Restructuring and Policy and Regulatory Reform: Inter national Trends and Examples," presentation to the Communications Ministry of the People's Republic of China, Beijing, October 31, 1994.
  • "Consumer Telephone Services in the United States, Product and Pricing Study," Multiclient study report on behalf of Eurodata Foundation, 1994. (Contact Eurodata Foundation to inquire about availability.)
  • "The Vital Role of Regulation in Telecommunications Sector Reform," in Wellenius and Stern, eds., Implementing Reforms in the Telecommunications Sector, Lessons from Experience, Washington, D.C., The World Bank, 1994. (Contact us for a copy or **download directly.)
  • Presentation, Workshop on Generic Tariff Issues, Forum of the ITU Africa Telecom '94 Conference, Cairo, Egypt, April 1994.
  • "Telecommunications Reforms in Thailand" (with Sonia N. Jorge), report to the World Bank, Industry and Energy Department, June 1993. Published in Telecommunications Sector Reform in Asia: Working Papers, available from The World Bank.
  • "Network Investment and Tariff Reform," paper presented at the Economic Symposium of the ITU Asia Telecom '93 Conference, Singapore, May 1993. (Contact us for a copy or **download directly.)
  • "El Precio del Teléfono: A Comparison of Prices for Telephone Services in Latin America" (with Paul S. Keller and Sonia N. Jorge), report published April 1992. (Paper may be obtained from Economics and Technology, Inc.(ETI).)
  • "Telecommunications Infrastructure and Economic Development: Principles for Formulating Investment Policies," paper presented at the Pacific Telecommunications Council PTC '91 Conference, January 1991. (Contact us for a copy or **download directly.)
  • "The Cost Structure of Fiber Optic Delivery Systems Will Determine the Viability of Competition for Home Video Services," paper and presentation at the conference, Cable TV Alternatives, sponsored by TeleStrategies, Inc., October 23, 1990.
  • "Investment in the Telecommunications Infrastructure: Principles for Policy Development," paper presented at the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners Biennial Regulatory Information Conference, Ohio State University, September 1990. (Contact us for a copy or **download directly.)
  • "The US Experience with Competition in Long Distance Telephone Service: A Review of Competitive Policy and Impacts" (with Dr. Lee L. Selwyn), report to the British Office of Telecommunications, July 1990. (Paper may be obtained from Economics and Technology, Inc.(ETI).)
  • "The Sustainability of Competition in Light of New Technologies" (with Dr. Lee L. Selwyn and Patricia D. Kravtin), report presented at the Twentieth Annual Williamsburg Conference of the Institute of Public Utilities, Williamsburg, December 6, 1988. (Report may be obtained from Economics and Technology, Inc.(ETI).)
  • "Industry Structure and Competition in Telecommunications Markets: An Empirical Analysis" (with Patricia Kravtin), report presented at the Seventh International Conference of the International Telecommunications Society at MIT, July 1, 1988. (Report may be obtained from Economics and Technology, Inc.(ETI).)
  • "Strategic Forecasting and Telecommunications Planning" (with W. Page Montgomery), Business Communications Review, July-August 1987.
  • "The convergence of the telephone and cable television industries requires a coherent policy approach to the future of broadband communications," Overseas Telecommunica tions Journal (Japan), September 1986. (Contact us for a copy.)
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