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David N. Townsend & Associates provides hands-on assistance in the development and strengthening of national telecommunications regulatory agencies. This support can include such tasks as basic planning, needs assessment, development of procedural manuals, review and recommendation of personnel assignments, budgeting support, and creation of technical tools such as software and databases.

Typical assignments have involved assisting with the evaluation and reform of tariff regulation methods and tools, assistance in negotiating interconnection charges and competitive licenses, and support for the introduction of sophisticated economic analysis theories and methods among regulatory staff.

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Regulatory Institution Strengthening projects

The Philippines, National Telecommunications Commission (NTC): Strengthening the Regulatory Capacity of the NTC (1993-1994)
Developed and managed a long-term on-site strengthening project for the NTC that included creation of regulatory software tools and database, workshops, and review of policies and procedures in tariff regulation, interconnection, and sector development.
Estados Unidos de México, Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT): Strengthening of the Regulatory Capacity of the SCT (1990-1991)
Provided comprehensive assistance to the SCT in developing its regulatory functions immediately following the privatization of Telmex, including implementation of the new tariff regulation system, and complete analysis of agency resource and training requirements.

Training Programs in telecommunications regulation, policy, and sector development
DNTA also offers customized Training Programs in communications policy and regulatory issues, from sector restructuring to implementation of regulatory priorities. Training seminars, workshops, and longer-term programs can be designed for individual organizations and agencies or for larger groups of subscribers, either independently or as part of a broad-based regulatory or policy support assignment.

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