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Telecommunications Policy and Regulation Advisory Support

David N. Townsend & Associates provides several forms of advisory assistance to national and state governments in developing telecommunications policies and regulation. Projects include research, analysis, and direct support in the areas of sector restructuring, tariff policy, competitive licensing, interconnection, service regulation, rules and procedures, and market impact analysis. These types of assignments can be undertaken for individual governments and agencies, or as general or broad-based studies for international institutions, or on a multiclient basis. Hands-on advisory services and collaboration, studies, recommendations, public testimony, presentations, implementation strategies. (Click here for representative project descriptions.) See also David N. Townsend & Associates Regulatory Institution Development services, for agency strengthening and training projects.

The following examples describe the main types of policy and regulation advisory projects, and identify examples of prior projects undertaken and managed by David N. Townsend (both independently and through the consulting firm of Economics and Technology, Inc.):

National and state infrastructure, policy frameworks
Studies and policy recommendations concerning broad questions of a nation's or state's overall telecommunications infrastructure goals, basic industry organization and development strategies, and fundamental regulatory objectives. Projects can include, for example, review of a country's present market structure and recommendations for changes in entry restrictions or state ownership; or studies of the impact of new technologies or economic factors upon evolving industry conditions and policy options.

Representative projects:
ITU Regulatory Colloquium No. VI: The Regulatory Implications of Convergence in the Telecommunications Industry
A comprehensive report for the ITU on the issues and challenges for regulators arising from the convergence of markets and technologies for telephone, television, Internet, and other categories of communications services.
Costa Rica, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE): Study of Telecommunications Market Structure and Policy Options in Costa Rica (1996)
A study of the entire telecommunications industry in Costa Rica, including market prospects for new and competitive services, with recommendations for policy changes to restructure the sector.

Competition, market opening policies; licensing, interconnection
Sector or company-specific advisory projects aimed at examining options and developing detailed implementation plans to support the introduction of competition and new services to the telecommunications industry. Advice in this area can include review of market opening plans, new carrier concessions, and interconnection agreements, with recommendations based upon market economic analysis and international comparative studies.

Representative projects:
Estados Unidos de México, Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Desarrollo Tecnológico (SCDT): Strategic Development for the Mexican Telecommunications Sector (1993-1994)
Assisted in a comprehensive support project for the long-term development of the Mexican telecommunications industry, providing recommendations on market opening, regulation, and competitive concessions.
Côte d'Ivoire, Agence des Télécommunications (ATCI): Study of the Tarification of Interconnection Services (1996-1997)
Conducted a study of interconnection policy options and international tariff experience for the Ivory Coast regulatory agency, presenting specific recommendations on interconnection for cellular and other non-basic carriers.

Tariff and service regulation, methods, analysis
Assistance in developing specific regulations, tariffs, procedures, and methodologies for telecommunication carriers and services. These projects can be aimed at a single new service, or an entire system of regulation. See also Regulatory Institution Development services, for projects concentrating on regulatory methods, tools, and training.

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