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Electronic commerce is fast becoming the most dramatic force for change, and opportnity for development, on the economic landscape.  The explosive rise of the Internet as a dominant medium for global business interaction is challenging rules and conventional wisdom, requiring governments and businesses to re-evaluate nearly every facet of their traditional practices.  For less developed countries and regions, e-commerce provides new potential for expanding markets, both internatll and externally.   This potential depends, however, upon the availability of adequate communications and information technology infrastructure, as well as policies that remove barriers to global commerce, and that adapt national laws and regulations in numerous areas -- taxation, tariffs, contracts, labor, privacy, to name a few -- to the new electronic environment.

DNTA has been involved at the forefront of the development of Internet and Electronic Commerce policies for a number of countries and international institutions.   We have conducted comprehensive research and policy analysis projects supporting the development of legal and regulatory standards for promoting e-commerce and Internet access, especially in less developed economies.  Recent projects have included the following (see also discussion of Telecenters and Universal Access):

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